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crayola art project

Today, Mackenzie and I found ourselves alone, with a day ahead of us so we thought we’d do another one of the projects that she had found on Pinterest. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Mackenziemore


What are your favorite shows & movies you’re sharing with your kids? When the girls were younger, it seemed our TV was on all. the. time. One or both of us have always been fortunate enough to work from homemore


Here’s the obvious statement of the day: times are tough for almost everyone. Those who never used budgets to manage their money have started to and those who had them before the recession have tightened them up. Some families havemore


When I was working on my 400th post on this little slice of my world, I thought that I would extend an OPEN invite to my friends and readers. The invite was to give me ANY topic and I would writemore

The beauty of blended families

I was driving Mackenzie to work one day and we were talking about the big grand opening festivities that Mast was having over the weekend. I mentioned to her that one of the bands that was going to be playingmore


What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day.. Mother’s Day is THIS WEEKEND which is the not-so-subtle hint that if you haven’t gotten Mom something, you better get on it. Or else. This woman is either the person who birthed you (ormore

season 3 of oitnb is back

Are you as big a fan of the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black as I am? If so, I’ve got great news, good news and I’ve got bad news.  The good news is that Season 3 premiers June 12thmore

how to evacuate

Do you know when the best time is to plan for an emergency or a crisis? When you’re not in the middle of one, that’s when.  Would you know what to do if a major crisis hit your home ormore


What a tangled web we weave, when first we learn to deceive. Ah… the complicated art of lying. It seems as soon as we learn to talk, we learn to manipulate. Whether it’s something as simple as “no, I didn’tmore


It’s that time of the year when downtown explodes with film enthusiasts hoping to see as many movies as they possibly can in a short amount of time. Welcome to this year’s RiverRun Film Festival!!  This year, RiverRun International Film Festivalmore

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