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This was originally posted 3 years ago but it still makes me laugh. However… I don’t think they put it up anymore which is a shame because I think it teaches a good lesson. Don’t you love driving around atmore

your teen driver needs you to drive better

How Can You Help Your Teen Driver Succeed? This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week. A week where we focus on how important it is to teach our teens to drive safely and avoid distraction. Our oldest daughter turnedmore

Sometimes having a big mouth has it’s benefits. I had the chance to host a local radio talkshow last week due to the fact that the regular host was out “on assignment”. I was a little nervous at first butmore


How Do You Celebrate Family Milestones? I’ve always been a bit of a sentimental person and when it comes to milestones in our family, I can sometimes go a little overboard. I have been known to bake cupcakes and throwmore


Misty May-Treanor and VSP When you get an email that asks if you’d like the opportunity to interview THE Misty May-Treanor, you don’t even wait to find out why – you just say YES!. I’m sorry… you want me to interview amore


Holding Your Tweens and Teens Responsible Homework has always been a struggle for 2/3 of my kids. We’ve tried every trick in the book to get them to understand the importance of it, we’ve delivered consequences of bad grades ormore

woods of terror

I’m not sure when it happened, but Halloween has definitely shifted from a kids holiday to an adult holiday – or at the very least – EVERYONE’s favorite holiday. It’s a chance to let it all hang out and takemore

I need some space

Mamas Just Need Some Space Remember how much I love(d) the song from Meghan Trainor “All about the Bass” because of it’s awesome positive body image? Well I’m loving this parody – “I Just Need MY Space” from MyLifeSuckers just asmore


Who else says “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” before anything else on the 1st day of the month??

happy birthday kenzie

I think I’m pretty happy that today is Wordless Wednesday because it’s Mackenzie’s 16th birthday and honestly.. I’m a bit of a mess on the inside. It’s not just that I’m the mom of a 16-year-old but I’m also themore

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