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Four Hens and a Rooster

Telling stories of mid-life and raising teens and tweens. No matter how messy it may be!


Turning 40 was no big deal for me. As a matter of fact, I was actually pretty stoked for it. In my mind I had gotten to the age where I really and truly didn’t care what people thought ofmore

zenni optical

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a bargain and will spend more time than it’s worth to find the absolute lowest price on something. Adrienne ordered some super cute glasses last fall from Zenni Optical and I knewmore

What Journey Taught Me About Blogging

Children of the 80’s, this post is for you. Why? Because I’m going to let you in on a secret: Everything I know about blogging, I learned from Journey. Go ahead and think about that for a second. While you’remore

I will never forget the first time my mom won her first “big” prize.  And by big, I mean it wasn’t being the 10th caller for a pair of tickets to Olympic History on Ice. I was living in Chicagomore


The REAL Meaning Behind Closing Time – I know what this song means to me so I was a little blown away to find out how close MY interpretation was to HIS! For me, I was pregnant with my firstmore

the weird things that go thru my head

If you’re used to seeing this post load up at 6-something in the morning, I have bad news for you. It ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because it’s 10:15 and I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy and thinking that I wouldmore


The Rooster and the  kids always try to stock my shelves with lotion and shower gel at Christmas time. And either my skin is really dry and Steve’s trying to tell me something or he forgot to do inventory beforemore


I finally got my hands on the new iPhone 6 plus and I swear I didn’t have it in the house for more than 5 minutes before this happened… Stolen for Selfies. And she was the second one to domore

social media routine

The number one reason clients work with is because they either don’t have the time to handle social media or they don’t have the knowledge—usually a little bit of both. Quite often they jump into social media and think that devotingmore

what is the 4-7-8 sleep technique

Have you heard of the 4-7-8 sleep technique? Think about it… When was the last time you slept really, really well? I’m talking sleeping like the dead, without interruption for at least a solid 7-8 hours? Waking up feeling likemore

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