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The five worst people on Facebook

Who Are the Buzzkills on Facebook? There have been plenty of posts about the “worst” people on Facebook.. the over-sharer, the vague-booker, the stalker… we’ve all seen them – we all know them. Some of us are them. But Imore


Natural Relief from Seasonal Congestion I love Spring.. it’s so great to see the tiny buds popping up on the plants and the trees. It’s like watching color creeping up slowly until it finally EXPLODES into a huge pool ofmore

saved by the bell

Totally Tubular Shows Streaming Now on Netflix Take a moment with me, Children of the 80′s. Remember when you only had 40 channels MAX to deal with and most of us had 4? Our shows were pretty much limited tomore

the ultimate giveaway

The Mother of All Giveaways! Okay.. I’m sorry but I’m just going to cut to the chase here and tell you about the Mother of all Giveaways from the Mother of All Meltdowns. We moms deserve a lot. We contortmore

teen drivers

When I got my drivers license mmfmmmty-some years ago, it was after completing 4 weeks of Driver’s Ed with Coach Flinchum at Western Guilford HS. I’ll never forget how calm he was as each of us climbed behind the wheelmore

springs lobs

Good lord can Spring please finally show up around this country?? I love winter and even I am sick of it. After our 8″ snow fall last month, I was ready to start sliding into warmer weather but Mother Naturemore


…You should see how their parents act. We have had our fair share of bad weather this winter here in NC.. Mother Nature has been nothing short of bipolar.. 70 degrees one day, an inch of ice the next. ¬†Themore

If our local school hadn’t changed the science fair calendar, we would be knee deep in science fair projects right about now. But instead, we were knee deep in them right before Christmas. Because that’s exactly when you want tomore

AAA membership

Stop the War on Paper No one loves paper more than me. I love writing my to-dos on paper. I keep a paper calendar AND a google one. I’m a sucker for a beautiful journal. The only thing I lovemore

questions you need to ask your parents

Little Mama had some surgery last week and being the dutiful (and only) daughter, I was right by her side to see her through it. It was also the first time she’s had anything major happened since before my ¬†dadmore

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