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NikSnacks and Kristen

I thought it would be fun to rerun some guest posts that were written for me a couple of years ago at Christmas by some of my favorite bloggers. What I wasn’t expecting was to revisit our friendships and seemore

our favorite movies streaming on netflix

The Best Christmas Movies Remember yesterday when I told you the things that I wasn’t doing this Christmas? Well, one thing that we definitely do during the holidays is watch movies (you already know that the Rooster and I gomore

How to get rid of christmas stress

Oh my God, who isn’t stressed to the nth degree right now? Places to be, gifts to buy (when did it become MY responsibility to buy even my own gifts?!), gifts to wrap (I draw the line at wrapping mymore

middle school orchestra concerts

Okay that was bad, I admit it. But you have to admit, as a child of the 80’s it was funny. Cassie’s first orchestra concert was tonight and she did great!! (well, what else would I say?) This is themore

clear skin for your teens

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Clearasil. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” I don’t know if you remember thismore


How to convert kid sizes to junior sizes I don’t have to tell you how expensive kids clothes are but if you think they’re expensive now, wait til they get OUT of kids clothes and into juniors or mens. Holymore


I must be high on something because I’ve gone straight from NaBloPoMo and straight into Vlogmas. I blame Mrs. Tee and my ADD, but here goes… instead of my normal “written” posts, I’m either going to only do a vlogmore

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Don’t you love it when you come across a funny meme, interesting article, or just a fantastically written post on social media? Have you ever shared that post with your own audience? Of coursemore


Today’s the last day of November’s NaBloPoMo and I am finishing strong if not a little bit late. See, I’ve been crafting and decorating for the holidays like a mad woman the past 2 days and wanted to save themore

celebrity instagram shots

Who’s still with family and who finally broke free?? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and if you indulged in Black Friday, I hope you got great deals and no stress headaches. I’ve got a house to decorate formore