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Homework and the Struggle for Accountability

Holding Your Tweens and Teens Responsible Homework has always been a struggle for 2/3 of my kids. We’ve tried every trick in the book to get them to understand the importance of it, we’ve delivered consequences of bad grades or missing assignments and nothing seems to get thru to them. On the other hand, the other one is the kid who can do their homework on the bus and get straight A’s. Boggles the mind. When the oldest started middle school a few years ago, she was assigned a pretty simple homework project on the second day of school....

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What’s Hot for Fall and How to Dress for Your Body Type

What’s Trending for Fall and Winter this Year? Have you started digging out your boots and layered pieces? I’m slowly starting to add them to the daily mix and couldn’t be happier. This time of the year can be perplexing when choosing our outfits for the day… it’s chilly in the morning but still warm enough by the afternoon that, if we dressed for the morning, we’re overdressed at the end of the day. But yet we push on because most of us love the looks and styles that fall offers. As you already know, I’m not the best...

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What are the Best Halloween Movies You Can Watch on Netflix?

Halloween Movies on Netflix We’ve already determined that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and to keep rolling with that theme, I’m digging deep into the Netflix coffers to give you my favorite Halloween movies that you can queue up tonight and get your spook on!! Some are suitable for viewing with the littles while others you’ll probably want to save for after their bedtime. Or in my case, when they’re out with their friends and you have a quiet night alone or with your friends. Heathers Let’s get this out of the way… if you don’t like...

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How to Get Your Halloween Vibe On and Still Have Money for Candy!

Ready for Halloween? Someone asked me the other day what my favorite holiday was and without hesitation, I answered “Christmas and then Halloween”. Other than Christmas, Halloween is the ONLY holiday that I will actually decorate for. I don’t go all out like some of my favorite people do, but I love throwing little pieces here and there that blend in with my other fall decor because remember… Fall is the season for gingers!! 😉  Apparently, I’m not the only one who gets into the mood for Halloween; it’s often been said that it’s the 2nd busiest day for retailers...

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9 Fun Things to Do With Your Teen this Fall

Fun Fall Activities in North Carolina While the weather hasn’t exactly caught up to the fact that it’s fall, it won’t be much longer before shorts and tees will be replaced by jeans and hoodies, leggings and tunics and I for one can’t wait. I really hate this transitional part where you dress for cool in the morning and by noon you’re sweating like a pig in a slaughter-house. Before the rush of the holidays happens (hey.. y’all know that once October hits, you may as well flip that calendar to January 1st because that’s how fast it’s going...

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