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The Only Thing More Painful than Labor is Paying for College

Finding Student Loans that Fit Your Needs My Facebook wall has aged over the years. The images and stories of 5th grade dances and “graduation” ceremonies are slowly being replaced by prom shots and misty-eyed stories of high school graduations and college acceptances. Parents are proud, kids are eager – each awaiting the next huge chapter in their lives. Once your kids hit high school, all attention turns to college preparation. From choosing the best one for them to making sure they choose the best classes to strengthen their GPA and all the way down to how you’re going to...

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My Rules of the Road

Commuting used to be no big deal to me when we lived outside of Philadelphia. You couldn’t get from your house to the Giant 3 miles up the road in less than 20 minutes, so when you whine to me that it takes you 20 minutes to get to work, please don’t expect sympathy. After we moved back to NC, my commute was brutal. Back bedroom to front of the house office. I could go for days without going past the bus stop. I started commuting again a few weeks ago when I made the brilliant decision (totally sincere...

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Week of Giving at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital

Week of Giving Begins April 25th! When it comes to our kids and hospitals, almost everyone has a story and with any luck it’s not a big story but rather a smaller one. For us it was a brief time period when our oldest was going thru tests in Philadelphia to see if she had a  blood disorder – luckily she didn’t. We also have one child who’s exceptionally prone to accidents which put us in the ER with her when she was 2 with a broken arm. Since living in Winston, we’ve only had to visit a few...

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7 Stories. 1 Rumor – Seven Ways We Lie – a Review

7 different stories about the same rumor gone afloat, all in one book. Riley Redgate released her first Young Adult novel in early March that reads the name “Seven Ways We Lie”. The book title relates to the seven deadly sins, which each main character owns to one of them. The book follows the group of 7 students, some who’ve never even thought about talking or interacting before, into a whirlwind of an event taken place at their school. A student is having an affair with a teacher. The school goes abuzz, rumors drifting from ear to ear, but...

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Do Cruises with Teens Make a Good Vacation?

Vacationing with Teens and Tweens: Our Spring Break Cruise on Royal Caribbean Okay.. I have to get one thing out in the open before I start… I was in NO way compensated for this review. No free wifi, no free drinks, nothing. This trip was 100% funded by me and the big guy. What you’re reading here is a completely open and honest opinion. Which you know that you always get with me, but didn’t want you to think anything else 🙂  We took our first cruise 8 years ago on Royal Caribbean when the girls were 5, 7, and...

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