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Belly Up for Some Sweet Treats and Smokin’ Eats

Two Great Eats in the Twin City! I love to eat year round but there is something about the food in the summer that makes it especially more enjoyable. Perhaps it’s the availability of fresh, local produce that makes the farm-to-table experience even more flavorful or maybe it’s the fact that the days are longer and if it’s not the middle of a heat wave, you can enjoy your food al fresco!! Summer is also the perfect time for the two things that I want to tell you about here… ice-cream and barbeque. I mean.. does anything scream summer...

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The Best Drink to Pair With Your Favorite Netflix Show

Want to Sip While You Binge? It’s Friday night and you’ve had a long week at work. All you want to do is go home, put on your favorite yoga pants and get horizontal on your sofa and binge watch some Netflix. I’m with you, friends. Nothing makes your day a little less hectic than a good night of Netflix. And since it IS Friday (or whatever day of the week you choose), why not pair a little cocktail with your binge watching? Note that I’m NOT saying you should binge drink AND binge watch – you’re not in...

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This Or That Summer YouTube Tag

I made a promise that 2016 was going to be THE year of the vlog for me (that’s a video based blog for those who are scratching their head) and I have to confess that I have been sucking at it. I started strong with some Netflix News videos but between not having a good place to record said videos and this being one crazy year, I’m sitting here on July 4th with little to show for it. I have so many blogging friends who absolutely rock their YouTube channels and vlog.. Stephanie Wonderlin Carls,┬áJessi Sanfilippo, and Kat Bouska...

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Fun Summer Camp from SECCA in Winston-Salem

Summer Camps for Tweens School’s out and you’re probably either finalizing your kids summer plans or realizing that you’ve done nothing to keep them occupied and are approaching a full-blown panic. If your kids are older like mine, it gets to be a real challenge to find camps that they’ll enjoy and be willing to go to without breaking the bank. For us, it’s always at least one or two weeks at Girl Scout camp but the rest of the summer?? I’m usually left piecing things together and hoping that their brains don’t whither away from too much Minecraft...

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It’s Time! It’s Time!! The Wait for Orange is OVER!!

Orange is the New Black Returns June 17th Okay. Yeah I’m just a little bit excited that Orange is the New Black premiers with 13 new episodes this week. And even though I’ve already seen the first 6 episodes, I’m embargoed from saying anything to anyone until Friday so what good does it do me if I can’t dish about it? The Ladies of Litchfield will be viewable to everyone at the stroke of midnight on June 17th but if you remember, last year they let us all get our greedy little eyeballs on it a few days early...

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