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Texas Chili   One of the many things that I got from my Dad is my love for cooking and good food. And chili. My God could this man make some wicked good chili. I’ve made this recipe for many different people, in many different states and for just about any occasion you can think of. It is perfect on a cold night and you’ll find it simmering on my stove on many a Sunday during the fall and wintermore

Family Outings at VIRginia International Raceway! We try to do one last, fun, family event before school starts back. Just the five of us.. no friends, few distractions. We’ve done the foothills and Carowinds as well as a few others and this year, we’re heading to VIR to watch the brand new TUDOR United SportsCar Championship Series! The Rooster isn’t a NASCAR fan so when I told him they’d added the new series, he was all for it! They’ve graciously givenmore

Using Film to Teach Kids Kindness I think all kids have the same fears about a new school year… Will they like me? Will my friends be in my class or will it be all new kids? What if someone is mean to me? And let’s be honest.. it’s not just kids who have those fears… we adults have the same fears at the start of the school year or anytime we start something new. I’m pretty lenient on ourmore

Dates Make a Difference: Eat for a Cause Childhood hunger is a huge problem in our country. There is no area that isn’t affected by it and with the way the economy is, it’s only gotten worse. In NC, our school systems are bad enough, but imagine if you’re a student trying to do your best job on an empty stomach. These kids are fighting an uphill battle and we need to do everything we can to help them. There aremore

O Wines – Giving Young Women Educational Opportunities When I was in my 20s, my preferred beverage was beer and not the craft beer but the run of the mill beer. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I discovered craft beers, but it’s also when my preference shifted to wine and that’s pretty much been my preference since.  While I’m no sommelier or even wine snob, there are definitely varietals and blends that I prefer and yes, Imore

Want to Blog Better? I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help me to be a better blogger which, in turn, should help YOU become a better blogger.  I think this is especially important for a lot of folks who may not have staff resources to help them with certain aspects of having a great blog!  Here are five of my favorite new blogging tools and the problems they solve: Shareable Content - We aremore

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