Four Hens and a Rooster

Author: Kristen Daukas

Costs -v- Income of Running a Blog When you’re sipping your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine and catching up on your favorite blog posts, have you ever stopped to think about the person behind that site? That they spend countless hours creating articles and videos for you to enjoy? Some of those bloggers monetize their sites and others choose not to take sponsor money and receive their “pay back” in other, non-monetary ways. A very respected colleaguemore

Call it a Face-cation or a Face-break… whatever you want to call it, I’m taking it. And unlike a lot of the dramatic Debbie’s out there, I’m not making a grand announcement via a status update on my personal account.  No “I’m deleting my Facebook account”. Nothing. I’m just stepping back and shutting the doors. This post is the biggest proclamation that I’ll make. And it’s not Facebook that I’m sick and tired of, it’s the people of Facebook.

Turkey Up and Laugh a Little! Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I am.. we’re mixing our traditions up a little bit and heading to the Rooster’s parent’s house in Ohio. Can you believe in all the years we’ve been together, we’ve never spent Thanksgiving with them? Should be a fun time full of laughs, good food and of course, TV and football! Considering that so many of us will be watching TV in our post-turkey coma, I thought itmore

DIY Makeup Remover Pads If you wear makeup or like me, have teen daughters who wear makeup, then you know that makeup remover pads are not cheap. Especially if you go thru them like we do. I came across a ‘recipe’ a couple of years ago to make my own and I have never bought them in a store again. What I really love about these is that they’re gentle and only have 3 ingredients. Ready to save some moneymore

Plus a Giveaway!! Don’t shoot the messenger, but Buddy the Elf says you only have 5 Fridays (6 if you count this one) left before Christmas is here! That being the case, I have some questions for you: Have your kids started plotting their lists? Have you decided on your budget? Have you figured out which set of parents you’re going to go and visit? Have you broken the news to your parents that you’re not going to travel thismore

The Rooster Lives to Crow Another Year! I hope I’m this tolerant of ‘ribbing’ the day I turn 49… … and only have 1 year of my 40’s left. … and will be 50 (!) the next year… Nahhh… who am I kidding. I’ll be moping around like someone took my last glass of wine.

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