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Are Your Kids Ready to Watch More Mature Shows?

How to Decide if Your Kids Are Ready for Older Shows and Movies I’m going to age myself a bit here but it doesn’t seem that long ago when the only TV shows playing in my house were Blues Clues, Dora, The Wonder Pets, Elmo Saves _______, and a plethora of other shows on PBS, Nick Jr., and Disney. I considered it a HUGE step in the right direction when the oldest started watching The Powerpuff Girls (still my favorite to this day… I will stop the world to watch TPG… not even lying.) and then slowly but surely, the...

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Feasting at the Newly Rebranded WP Kitchen + Bar

WP Kitchen + Bar in Greensboro Last month I had the opportunity to do a few things that I love all at the same time – meet up with some of my amazing, local, blogger friends, try fun, new cocktails, and eat amazing food at the newly relaunched WP Kitchen + Bar. It’s like winning the nerd trifecta. Folks in the Triad may remember the former Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar located in Friendly Shopping Center. 2016 brought in a rebranding for the restaurant as the owners and principles realized that Greensboro had “enough” pizza places and decided to shift...

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Bloggers, Wine, and Medaloni Cellars

There are few things that bloggers love more than seeing each other in person at meet-ups and wine. Make both of those happen at the same time and it’s Eutopia so when I was asked to bring together a few bloggers to take a private tour of Medaloni Cellars, I gathered up some of the best – and most fun ones in our area. Medaloni Cellars is one of the most recent additions to the infamous NC Yadkin Valley opening in Lewisville, NC in 2013. Owner Joey Medaloni is no stranger to the hospitality world here in the Triad,...

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Sure-Fire Fixes for Holiday Break Boredom

Let Netflix Nip Holiday Boredom in the Bud You know it’s going to happen at some point, so just stop pretending that it won’t. Other than the summer break, the break during the Christmas holidays is the longest one during the school year. Once the excitement over the new toys, clothes, or gadgets has worn off, everyone’s going to be looking for something… anything to pass away the time.  Once all the gifts have been opened, the last of the guests have left, and before the decorations come down on the 1st, this house goes into full-on hibernation mode. It’s...

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6 Ways to Go Social and not Postal this Holiday

Something Wrong? Quit Bitching and Start Getting Results The holidays are officially on like Donkey Kong which means most of us will be whipping out our credit cards and either shopping from the comfort of our home (me!!) or braving the crazies at the shopping centers. I feel pretty certain that at some point over the next few weeks something will happen that will tick you off… misleading ad, out of stock items, rude cashier, delayed flights.. something. And when this happens, what are you going to do? If you’re like many, you’ll turn to social media to air...

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