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Fun Summer Camp from SECCA in Winston-Salem

Summer Camps for Tweens School’s out and you’re probably either finalizing your kids summer plans or realizing that you’ve done nothing to keep them occupied and are approaching a full-blown panic. If your kids are older like mine, it gets to be a real challenge to find camps that they’ll enjoy and be willing to go to without breaking the bank. For us, it’s always at least one or two weeks at Girl Scout camp but the rest of the summer?? I’m usually left piecing things together and hoping that their brains don’t whither away from too much Minecraft...

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It’s Time! It’s Time!! The Wait for Orange is OVER!!

Orange is the New Black Returns June 17th Okay. Yeah I’m just a little bit excited that Orange is the New Black premiers with 13 new episodes this week. And even though I’ve already seen the first 6 episodes, I’m embargoed from saying anything to anyone until Friday so what good does it do me if I can’t dish about it? The Ladies of Litchfield will be viewable to everyone at the stroke of midnight on June 17th but if you remember, last year they let us all get our greedy little eyeballs on it a few days early...

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Sydney’s Spot – Reviewing Breakfast with Neruda

Now – to start off I’d like to say I don’t exactly enjoy romance novels. I really don’t. Most are cliché and follow a similar structure. (However, I do like books with romance that isn’t the main plot.) But as I read Breakfast with Neruda, I actually really liked it. And no I’m not just saying that to say it, but I’m being honest. You have these two kids who are seen as trouble-makers and are probably doomed for failure because of stereotypes. And I know that while I would never make that stereotype, I’ve seen it happen to...

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Don’t Block the Box Plus More Advice for Teen Drivers

More Advice for Teen Drivers A while back, I offered up some advice for teen drivers – things that they don’t necessarily learn in Drivers Ed.  I really only scratched the surface of things they need to know – and watching the drivers in our town, apparently a lot of you could use a refresher as well. Don’t block the box – If you’ve ever driven in New York City or any other major city, you’ve definitely seen this sign. What it means is unless you can clear the intersection and not get stuck in the middle, STAY BEHIND...

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How Kristen Got Her Style Back with Style Encore

Personal Shopping Experience with Style Encore Last year, I weighed the most that I have ever weighed without there being a baby involved. My cholesterol and blood pressure were up and while part of that is genetic (thanks Mom and Dad…), it was more because of the extra weight that I was carrying around. I made the decision that I needed to lose weight and then promptly did nothing about it. We all have the excuses on why we don’t do it… no time, no energy, no interest and so on. Then summer rolled around and we I decided that we...

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