Four Hens and a Rooster

Author: Kristen Daukas

STEM and Our Daughters Personally, I’ve always thought that being smart was cool but being a girl who’s smart hasn’t always been recognized. As a matter of fact, for as far as we’ve come to empower girls to embrace their smart and sometimes “geeky” side, we still have a long way to go.  Walk down the toy aisle of any store, or search the racks in a clothing store and you’ll see tons of conflicting messages aimed at girls –more

Oh those fashionable 80s Growing up in the south during the 80s was a special time. Like, totally special and righteously tubular. The music was the best there ever was (and still is IMHO) and we predicted our future with a paper fortune-teller. There were no cell phones… If you weren’t lucky enough to have a landline phone in your room, you spent hours talking about nothing with the cord stretched from the kitchen to the bathroom. And then theremore

It’s no secret that I have three daughters. And now that they’re getting older, their maintenance is changing quite a bit. My role as a mom is changing quite a bit, too. Ever since the oldest one popped out and all the way thru til the youngest one did, I have heard the “advice”. And just like the advice that I got when I was pregnant, I have to weed thru the good stuff and the crap. But the onemore

#WordlessWednesday Remember being 16 during the summer? Maybe you had a job (I did.. American Express NROC!!!), maybe you didn’t but the one thing you most likely did have was your license. Was there a better freedom than being able to go and do what you wanted to do, when you wanted to? No more waiting for mom and dad to take you someplace.. all you needed was your license, a car and a willing partner in crime! Love seeingmore

It’s no secret that we binge watch a lot of shows in this house. 5 summers ago it was Weeds. 2 years ago it was Breaking Bad. Last year it was Sons of Anarchy and currently it’s Orange is the New Black (no we haven’t finished.. we’re trying to NOT binge watch a show for once…). But those are all VERY adult shows that we really can’t watch with the kids so, often, we’re either watching a movie or anothermore

What IS a Vacation? The Rooster and I went out to dinner last night to meet up with a friend that he had graduated high school with 29 years ago. It was a nice evening and we were talking about the possibility of them relocating down to our fine state of North Carolina after her daughter graduated from high school. We were discussing the pros and cons of each town and what she was looking for – essentially a placemore

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