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Four Hens and a Rooster

Author: Kristen Daukas

When is it safe to break the “barrier”? I’m going to come right out and say it. This post was inspired by friend and blogging goddess, Gini Dietrich. See, every Friday, she puts out Gin and Topics which is a sampling of videos that has made her react somehow during the week – tears, laughs, whatever, and it’s almost always some pretty amazing stuff. Anywhhhooooooo…. This is one of the ones that was featured in Gin and Topics this weekmore

It was bound to happen sooner or later…  In my opinion, Camel City Dispatch is THE source for news in our town and the Editor, Chad Nance, will occasionally grab some of my articles and use them in their parenting section. We’ve become friends over the past couple of years or so and share similar attitudes towards parenting and life in general and it’s an honor to me that he likes my writing enough to share it. Last month when Chad publishedmore

Newest Netflix Series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix has teamed with the one and only Tina Fey!! (along with Richard Carlock) for their latest original programming, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the results are exactly what you hope for and expect from the Queen of funny. Let’s go on a time traveling experience. Go with me alllllll the way back to before you had kids. Maybe even before you were married. Remember when you and your girlfriends would sit around and promisemore

Tour of Fine Spaces Presented by Junior League of Winston-Salem I love houses.. especially houses that have a lot of character and charm. And I really love houses that have really cool kitchens and bathrooms. And backyards. Probably because those are the three areas of my own home that are in dire need of some sprucing up.  And when I get tired of just looking at my friends houses (nothing wrong with that.. don’t get me wrong..) and drooling over themore

Remember when your kids were younger and all they wanted to do was spend time with you? And all you could think after 8 non-stop hours was “can’t I even PEE in peace??”. Flash forward a couple of years and suddenly you’re all sniffly because you can’t even buy 8 SECONDS of together time, right? Not me. My kids want to spend ALL their time with me and we never fight or argue. My life is awesome and you’re doingmore

This is a story about a woman named Victoria. Victoria has a secret. Actually she has a lot of secrets and I’m not a fan of any of them. Victoria likes to get together with all of her friends and have sleepovers. And during their sleepovers, they wear naughty nighties and have pillow fights. Because that’s what girls do when they have sleepovers, right? Ask any man and he’ll tell you that’s what they think we do during sleepovers oncemore

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