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2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Big Guy

Gift Ideas for the Big Guy’s Father’s Day! FYI…. this post may include affiliate links and if you buy using those links, it is at no extra cost to you! 3 weeks and counting, friends!! Lucky for the guys, we girls typically plan this stuff pretty far in advance. BUT! Just in case you’re struggling, I’ve pulled together some ideas that would make a great gift for the guy who is the one you usually call on to fix that squeaky “thing”, twist off the lid on a new jar of pickles (what is UP with that?!) and understands...

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5 Apps that Will Help Keep Your Teen Safe

Stay Safe: Personal Safety Apps for Teens and Family! I will never forget the first time that I stood on the front porch and watched my oldest drive away by herself, with no one else in the car, the day she got her drivers license. I honestly thought I would puke. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t the nervous Nellie about her driving skills – I mean she’d had Drivers Ed and then she spent an entire weekend learning how to be an even BETTER driver. As always, it wasn’t her, it was the rest of the world. People...

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How to Handle an Awkward Talk with Your Kids

Tips to Talk to Your Kids in a Way They Just Might Open Up Can we all agree on something? Sometimes you must have a conversation with your kids about topics that neither of you want to. When they were little, the questions they asked were easy and innocent: “Why is the sky blue?” “Why does the dog sniff his butt?” “Why can’t I eat a brownie for dinner?”. As they got older the questions got a little more heavy – “Where do babies come from?” is always a milestone question in every parents life but you knew that you only needed...

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Why I Love Every Crazy Strand of My Curly Hair

Natural Curly Girls Unite! Okay, maybe I don’t love everything (hello, humidity??) about my curly hair, but pretty damn close. With my shocking red, curly hair complete with my signature blond chunk poking out front, I am an easily recognizable person. I’ve often joked that there’s no way I could ever get away with anything unscrupulous in our town because I’m just too easy to spot. On a recent business trip, one of my clients even admitted that I was the easiest person to spot in the airport because of my hair. “I just looked around til I saw your...

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8PM and the Grillin’ is Fine….

While the Boss may be Dancin’ in the Dark, right now the Rooster is grillin’ in the dark LIKE a boss and not having a single issue with the “is it really done??” conundrum that can come with late night grilling. Let’s face it, in an ideal world we’d have dinner over and done by 7pm and have moved on to the next Netflix series we’re binge watching. But with a busy family of five, there is no such things as an “ideal world” and try as we may there are times when it’s 8:00 and we’re still looking at...

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