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O Wines – Giving Young Women Educational Opportunities When I was in my 20s, my preferred beverage was beer and not the craft beer but the run of the mill beer. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I discovered craft beers, but it’s also when my preference shifted to wine and that’s pretty much been my preference since.  While I’m no sommelier or even wine snob, there are definitely varietals and blends that I prefer and yes, Imore

Good Eats in the Twin City: Battledish Winston You guys know how much the Rooster and I love to cook and eat. But with 3 kids and 2 jobs, we don’t get a take the chance to go out to eat that often, so when we do we like to E-A-T and eat well. One of the things that I love about living in Winston is the fact that we have so many amazing restaurants. I’ve said a million timesmore

The Twin City RibFest Giveaway entry is at the bottom of this post…. Anyone who knows me knows that I dig pig. A lot. As a matter of fact if I could only eat one meat, much to my doctor’s chagrin, it would be pig. So believe me when I tell you that my all-time favorite event in Winston is the Twin City RibFest.  And it’s coming up next week which makes me really happy. Last year, I begged wentmore

This is sponsored content from Früsh Yogurt. All opinions and appetites are my own. With an alarm that sounds at 6am every school morning, I am notorious for living on a breakfast of caffeine. I know I should get up early enough to make breakfast, but it just doesn’t happen. I do good to make sure THEY inhale eat something before we race off to our busy day. If I do ever get around to eating, it’s at least 2 hoursmore

Nikki is another one of my favorite Twitter success “stories”. She and I share a love of tech, social and food! We seem to run into each other at functions that involve food more than anywhere else and I think that’s a whole lotta awesome. She always has an awesome story and has been known to keep a scandalous secret or two about people in our town.. but she won’t tell. Ever. She just sent her audition tape off tomore

It’s hard when you’re a family with two working spouses to not just put dinner on the table before the stroke of midnight, but also a dinner that isn’t created by punching buttons on a microwave or hearing the words “pull up to the 2nd window”. I’ve mentioned before that I try to plan out our dinners 2 weeks in advance. I find that by doing this, it saves us a ton of money at the Teeter. What happens whenmore

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