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It’s hard when you’re a family with two working spouses to not just put dinner on the table before the stroke of midnight, but also a dinner that isn’t created by punching buttons on a microwave or hearing the words “pull up to the 2nd window”. I’ve mentioned before that I try to plan out our dinners 2 weeks in advance. I find that by doing this, it saves us a ton of money at the Teeter. What happens whenmore

When the Rooster and I swapped offices last year, he became the primary dinner maker which is great since he’s a good cook. But he was killing our finances with one simple fact – he  couldn’t plan. 4:00 would roll around and he would realize that he didn’t have plans for dinner, run to the grocery store down the road and another $40 would be gone. I’ve played around with planning out dinner menus in the past but the pastmore

If you tuned in to Fox 8 this morning, you saw me showing off some great new products that are essential to any tailgate party. If you missed the clip, you can watch it here! Labor Day is right around the corner and that means that football season is getting ready to be in full swing! Whether you gather with your friends to watch college or NFL teams, chances are you’ve been to a few tailgates. Tailgates are such amore

Have you had the good fortune to try Auntie Anne’s Pretzels? If you’re lucky enough to have one in your town (they’re popular in malls), you know that once you have one – you’re hooked. They’re a twisted up version of heaven.. whether you get the traditional salty kind or the amazingly decadent brown sugar and cinnamon variety, Auntie Anne’s has clearly made their mark in our hearts and stomachs. I had the good fortune to meet Auntie Anne’s Pretzelsmore

Let me just say that if Chef Tim Grandinetti were to start flipping burgers at McDonald’s, I’d eat there every day. The dude is an AMAZING chef and quite possibly one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Lucky for me and the rest of the world, Chef Tim is well beyond McD’s (although there’s nothing wrong with a double cheeseburger every now and again…) and yes – there ARE burgers on the menu but they’re done in Chef Tim’s stylemore

I’m cooking 3 freezer friendly dishes today because in the South, when someone’s family has a death or illness, that’s what we do. As far back as I can remember, that’s the way it’s always been. When my Grandmother was still alive, she was one of the women of the church that would organize the meals. The news usually went like this… someone called the preacher and then the preacher would let everyone know that there was an event inmore

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