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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Don’t you love it when you come across a funny meme, interesting article, or just a fantastically written post on social media? Have you ever shared that post with your own audience? Of course you have!! Now think back again to when you shared those posts. Did you give credit to the person who posted it when you saw it? There’s a good chance you probably didn’t and, if so, that’s okay because you’remore

Something Wrong? Quit Bitching and Start Getting Results Black Friday is just a few days away which means most of us will be whipping out our credit cards and either shopping from the comfort of our home (me!!) or braving the crazies. I feel pretty certain that at some point over the next few weeks something will happen that will tick you off… misleading ad, out of stock items, rude cashier, delayed flights.. something. And when this happens, what aremore

Have you noticed that your Facebook page is more out of whack than normal? It’s because the powers that be at Facebook are tweaking the algorithms again. If you’re like 6 billion other people in the world, chances are that you will log into Facebook at least once a day—maybe more. But all of our experiences with the site are diminishing into what the Facebook team wants us to have, not the experience that you and I want to havemore

Did you know that of all the Twitter users in the universe, almost 100% of all tweets are from 40% of the users, and 40% of the users have never tweeted – at all?? Some people love, love Twitter, and others just don’t get it (I fall into the first group—it’s my favorite of them all) and quit before they ever gave it a real chance. Looking through some of the tweets that go out on a daily basis, I thinkmore

You Can’t Make Me Like You The only thing that doesn’t change about Facebook is that at least twice a year, they push through some pretty significant changes. Whether those changes affect the public user or the business user is usually the only surprise. The next round of changes to the business pages of Facebook will go into effect on November 4th and primarily will impact how many businesses get people to “like” their pages. A few years ago, “fangates” weremore

I love Twitter. I have met some of the greatest people I know thru Twitter and have even managed to meet quite a few in real life. In addition to professional connections, I have made many personal connections as well. I formed an “in real life” group called the BWTs (Broads Who Tweet) so that the online group of tech savvy women that I had met over the years could meet face to face. We’ve even gone on 2 retreatsmore

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