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Well, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time for the Shorty Awards. If you’re not familiar with the Shorty’s, they’re an award to honor the best in social media. There are some really BIG awards and some smaller awards. I am nominated for one of the smaller ones and that’s where I need your help and your vote If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember that I was a finalist last year in the Shortymore

So… have you ever been sitting there and wanted to instantly send a gift to someone? I know I have so when I was asked to review a new gift giving app called Yiftee, I jumped at the chance. I was a little nervous wondering if there would be enough merchants available and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few in our area and they were GOOD places, too. The awesome ladies at Mom Central Consulting told me Imore

As the co-chair for this year’s ConvergeSouth conference, I had the distinct honor to assemble a roster of speakers that I think is one of the best that the conference has seen. Most  of these people I have never met in person, but many I have met online. Tonight was our tweet up for the conference and I was able to put many of the faces to the twitter handles which is always the best part of any conference. Theremore

This past weekend was my 25th High School reunion. Other than the perplexing thought of “how can it be that 25 years have passed since I graduated high school” we had a great time catching up as most of us haven’t seen each other since our 20th reunion. 5 years ago I was probably one of the few of my classmates on Facebook since it wasn’t mainstream then. This meant that when we planned our 20th reunion the majority ofmore

A post entitled, “A Note to Parents: How to be a “cool” parent on Facebook (as written by a kid on Facebook),” was brought to my attention last week and I loved it! Go ahead and read it… I’ll wait here for you… Oh good! You’re back. I loved this article because she hits the nail on the head. There are SO many parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles on Facebook today that actually joined AFTER their kids did (there are also plenty who stillmore

Yes. They are. Stop arguing. You know you pin them and post them. How about creating one that shows YOUR social media swagger?? Here is mine for Facebook:     create infographics with   Go ahead – go do one and link it back to me so I can see what kind of Monster you are

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