Four Hens and a Rooster

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One of the crappy things about having a birthday in August is that you rarely get to celebrate with your classmates. Considering the kids spend 2/3 of their year with their friends at school, it seems a little unfair. So, this year, we decided to give Cassie a half birthday party. She loved having her friends over to her house but it has caused some confusion as she now thinks she's already 5! Probably her best friend at school ismore

It was a stretch to call it snow, but the kids didn't care. It was white and frozen and lasted for about an hour.. long enough to get dressed and undressed about four times.

What better way to celebrate your 8th birthday than with a skating party! The funny thing is that I remember spending many a day skating around this rink when I was in school… Cassie did great..minus a minor little mishap but Mackenzie was there to ease the pain. Too bad she wasn't there for Sydney!

For the second year in a row, we were graciously invited to head to Myrtle Beach for Labor Day weekend. The girls had SO much fun!  After the first 15 minutes, Cassie conquered her fear of the ocean and was a fish from that time on. Sydney was convinced that she could "hang 10" and spent a fair amount of time trying to master the sport. For some reason, Mackenzie spent more time out of the ocean than in this yearmore

Okay, first it was Cassie's turn last week.  With Amy leaving to go back to school herself, I had to level the playing field just a bit. So, off went the wee one for her first day of Pre-K. Well, as it turns out, she had to wait a week for Pre-K! She did great and even got all the way to Thursday until she got her first "back to school" cold! Flash forward to today. Notice the bandaid onmore

We have always been lucky with the neighbors that have surrounded us in the past, so to say the least, we were a bit nervous moving into our new neighborhood not knowing what the neighbors were like. Holy moly did we get lucky! All of our neighbors are incredible and very happy to have us on the circle.  Our neighbors on one side have a daughter who's 13 and she and Mackenzie have hit it off famously. We headed downmore

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