Four Hens and a Rooster

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We’re just over a week into school being back and so far, so good!! I haven’t heard too many grumblings about teachers or gross boys. Yet. How’s your year starting off?? Happy to be linking up with my girls Greta and Sarah for their #iPPP link up! And yes.. all of these photos were on my iPhone at one point or another!

One of my favorite pictures from this Christmas. I swear, we were checking Norad…   Kristen

I had the great pleasure of hearing Dena Harris speak yesterday. Dena is a professional writer and writing coach here in our area. She’s funny and I think if she got to know me, we’d be fast friends. I mean cripes.. she has no kids – so her house is clean and could be my dream escape house and her CAT is on Twitter! Oh sorry.. that was a squirrel moment and I’m suddenly getting VERY far away from “wordless”more

We all got involved today. Did you? Realized that at the next election, Mackenzie will be able to vote, Sydney will be in driver’s ed and Cassie will be a teenager at 13. That’s enough change for me, thank you. Kristen Are you raising a teen or a tween? Join the conversation over at Ten to Twenty Parenting!

Every spring it happens… we uncover the pool and they arrive. No, not the neighborhood kids or the food and beer toting friends. Our early guests are some of the smallest frogs (or toads? can’t remember the difference) who are the loudest things I’ve ever heard. You know how you love to open the windows and doors to let the spring air in? Yeah, we can’t do that because when we do, we can’t hear each other speak much lessmore

This is the week leading up to mine and the Rooster’s anniversary. We had a non-traditional wedding which basically means he and I quickly grew tired of the BS (and expense) that came along with the traditional wedding and said “screw it – let’s go to Vegas”. It was the best decision ever and instead of a one day affair, we had a four day celebration with our closest friends and family. While we opted for a “traditional” service inmore

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