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Sometimes having a big mouth has it’s benefits. I had the chance to host a local radio talkshow last week due to the fact that the regular host was out “on assignment”. I was a little nervous at first but ended up finding my groove, had a really good time and I think I did a pretty good job. Hopefully they’ll ask me back again some other time. As a sidenote I was the only female asked to fill in!

Who else says “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” before anything else on the 1st day of the month??

I think I’m pretty happy that today is Wordless Wednesday because it’s Mackenzie’s 16th birthday and honestly.. I’m a bit of a mess on the inside. It’s not just that I’m the mom of a 16-year-old but I’m also the mom of a beautiful child who is going to be getting her keys to freedom very, very soon. And those keys will eventually take her away from me to live BIG adventures all on her own. I’m so not readymore

I found this little gem hanging around my “scheduled” box and realized that I’d forgotten to post it!! Sorry, Cass!  Today’s Wordless Wednesday and is in honor of our 8th and final field day. I haven’t missed one in our entire time at the elementary school and you know I definitely wasn’t missing this one.  I’ve loved watching these kids grow up and it made my heart swoon when 2 of my fav girls asked to do a selfie with memore

And If It Should Rain, Just Dance Sydney had 7 of her friends over this past Friday to celebrate her 13th birthday. She had everything planned out, the food was out, the mood was right and the tattoos were in place. And then… the rain came. And not just drizzle or even steady flow but rather a monster deluge of a storm.  While some kids may have groaned and whined that the rain came in and ruined their fun, Sydneymore

The Great Gonzo posted a prompt on Facebook last week that she was thinking about doing the #100HappyDays challenge and I said “I’m in if you’re in” and so, we’re on our quest. I love the chance to take time in my day to find at least one thing that I’m happy about. Truth is,  I’m happy about a lot but this just makes it more fun! Just so there’s no confusion over the Gonzos. This is NOT the Gonzomore

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