Daughters = Divorce?

I heard an interesting statistic this morning. Couples who have daughters have a higher percentage of divorce rate than those with sons. I have three daughters which, according to this statistic, makes me 10% more likely to get divorced. This is on top of the already high 50% divorce rate.

Now, before you go spouting off at the mouth the “obvious” reasons (drama, hormones, all those women, etc.) that this rate exists, listen to the reasoning they gave:

  • 75% of the time, it’s the woman who initiates the divorce
  • Mothers of daughters are more likely to leave a bad marriage so that the daughters do not grow up thinking that is the way a marriage should be
  • Daughters offer more companionship than sons (don’t shoot the messenger) and thus, mothers tend to feel they need a husband less
  • Men/Fathers have more “sticktoitiveness” when it comes to sons than daughters

Okay.. now that I’m finished, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Remember.. I did not write the report, I just repeated the report ūüėČ


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    • I don’t blame you.. it’s a pretty wide cast net for them to say that. We could get into the socio-demographics behind the claim but if they were to have said the same about mothers and sons, I would have been incited as well. I know it galls me when I read the claims that mothers of daughters leave marriages because they’re jealous of the relationship between daughters and fathers. Really??

  1. Oh Boy!¬† Ok so first I’ll speak in generalities…¬† (Don’t shoot the messenger!)¬† Men typically aren’t good at expressing themselves, especially when it comes to emotions…¬† So, in a house full of women, I could see where a man might end up feeling like he ‘got run out’ or for whatever reason, I could understand how that might play into a divorce.¬† I can’t condone it, but I can see it.
    However, here’s one I wish I could shout from the mountain tops, yet I know I’d get burned at the stake…¬† some women see their daughters as competition.¬† I married an incredibly jealous woman, and that was an issue from the day my daughter was born.¬† Any amount of attention I showed my daughter was not well received by the wife.¬† Now, I am not at all saying this is ‘normal’ or ‘common’ at least to the extent that it was in my marriage, but I do see it in other Mother/Daughter relationships to a less catastrophic degree.¬† Dad/Sons do it too, too competitive…¬† Even now after many years of divorce, my daughter can’t talk about Daddy/Daughter things we do without being skewered.¬† At least now that I’m divorced, I can do those things.¬† If I had stayed married, not a chance.
    In any case, no matter what the man or woman or kids do, if everyone isn’t on board with marriage and family, it isn’t going to work.¬† I think too often people want to play the blame game.¬† Lawyers are the only people who ‘win’ a divorce, and the kids always ‘lose’ in a divorce, even a civil one.¬†

      • ¬†@4Hensandrooster And just in case there’s any confusion, divorce doesn’t solve anything.¬† It takes all the marital stress off the shoulders of the parents, and plops it squarely onto the kids.¬† Forever.¬† I wish people could see that…¬†

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