Hey Society – Get Your Opinions Off My Body

Did you see this article? I saw it late last night and LOVED it. Even posted it to my Facebook page. In the spread, size 12 model Katya Zharkova poses nude next to a “straight size” model to show the differences between them.

I loved it… thought it was a beautiful spread, truer words were never spoken. Then one of my friends put a comment that stopped me because I didn’t pick up on it myself.  Cristi’s comment:

“I saw this on someone else’s wall. So many things wrong with this – why is a size 12 considered plus size in the plus-size model industry when that is not even a plus-size in regular stores? And a size 6 is considered fat for regular models? BTW I think the size 12 model looks gorgeous.”

No kidding. I wear a size 12. Have worn a size 12 since I can remember. The majority of women that I know are at least a size 10 and higher and I can count on one hand the friends of mine who are in the single digit sizes.

Yet mainstream world still wants to consider us overweight, plus size and that we should constantly be striving to look like the emaciated size 0 model.

Raising girls, I’m challenged every day to help them define what a healthy body image is when they’re faced with magazine and TV images of what advertisers want us to think is normal. I decided from the get go that I wouldn’t be the parent who made them “clean their plate” before they got up from the table. We don’t use dessert as an incentive to finish dinner and we try to keep the house full of healthy options for snacking. I will kick them out of the house, lock the doors and insist they run around like wild kids so they get some exercise more exhausting than changing games out of the Wii.

But that’s where I stop being maniacal about it. I don’t want the focus to be on their size but rather their health and I surely don’t want them to look at the cover of Seventeen and think that’s the standard they should be shooting for.

I realize that overall, our society is overweight. But by whose standards? I realize that I need to exercise more and that my metabolism is changing as I get older but I hardly consider myself overweight or a “Plus Size” at a size 12. I refuse to set myself up for failure by “dieting” and the scale in my bathroom gets used maybe twice a year. When my clothes stop fitting the way they’re supposed to, I start watching the extra crap going into my mouth.

What are your thoughts – do you agree or disagree with the points made in the article with the photos?

And, I agree with Cristi – Katya looks amazing in those photos.

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  2. Man, she is gorgeous. I wish I were that flexible. I couldn’t do that pose even if you offered me a million smackeroos. At my skinniest or at my chubbiest, no matter, inflexible either way.

    I am trying to lose weight because my body fat is unhealthy, heart health wise and I don’t feel well, I got really out of shape these past few years, put on 30 lbs. Need to work the heart and muscles again and put good stuff in instead of the drive thru crap I’ve been doing. But…the important thing is I don’t my hate my body like this or feel less beautiful, I just need to make some changes so it functions better. And I don’t hate myself for the weight gain, it’s only one part of my life, my whole self esteem shouldn’t be based on what dress size I am. It befuddles me when I hear women my age try to get back to their high school weight. Most high school girls look like…girls, not women. Many many fashion models are also girls…not women. I say strive for good health but re-evaluate what that really means. It is totally ok to say we need to lose a few pounds but for the right reasons and let’s get rid of the unrealistic expectations.

    • @mauishopgirl Hah!! I thought the same thing about the flexibility! And yes – she is stunning. I know that I was overly concerned in HS about my body image but never to the extent that some of my friends were. I do remember being tagged as having “Texas Hips” and “bodacious tatas” and that always bothered me somewhat. I’m grateful that I’ve always had the attitude of “I yam what I yam”.

  3. It’s another sign of the decline of humanity… beauty is the product of all the different parts of a person. Unfortunately, the beauty of a whole person doesn’t sell magazines or cars or other products… sex does. So, until humanity as a whole values the beauty of a person more than they want to have sex with models, I don’t see any way to save or change it. And it goes both ways… I’m a 41 year old man and I’m not grossly overweight, but I can assure you that none of the male models you see in ads and magazines are a realistic reflection of what I look like with my shirt off… *le sigh*

    • @ThreeFiveZero As with women, I don’t know many men who DO look like that. Personally, I find my husband at his sexiest when he has a bit of a pouch on him :)

    • @candice1125 And yet it’s constantly throw at us in a variety of ways. The Skinny Girl line of drinks, etc. I wish they’d put a disclaimer on these women’s photos “Warning – being this thin almost guarantees you won’t be able to conceive children”.

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