Letters From Camp: 2013 – #iPPP

Remember a couple of years ago when all three girls went to camp?


Well, allow me to catch you up.

Two years ago, all three girls went to Girl Scout camp (four if you count my fourth daughter, Sadie) at the same time ( woot-woot!! to 5 days without kids!!) and this particular camp ended up having an issue with their wells that caused the camp to be without potable water for 2 days. (If you don’t camp, potable water is water that is safe to drink, cook with and bathe in) We knew about the problem because the camp, of course, emailed us to tell us about the issue and what they were doing to rectify it.

Communication with the girls, however, was only by snail mail. The day we were (literally) going to pick them up, we got this card in the mail from Mackenzie:



While I’m happy to say that we IMMEDIATELY went to retrieve her from her destined journey to the bowels of hell, needless to say, she’s never gone to camp again. No amount of bribing could get that kid to go back to camp and I’m okay with that.

Luckily, the others have continued to go (luckily) and we haven’t received any other SOS notes from camp.

Until this year. This is the letter we get from Cassie –

letters from camp 2013

“Dear Mom We have a ant problem Can’t talk now bye <3’s Cassie Daukas”

Once I got them back safe in my arms, I found out that the ant problem was so severe that they couldn’t even have FOB (feet on bed) time during the day.


I’m happy to report that both girls returned home with nary an ant bite on them and they’re anxious to return back to camp next summer.

Ants and all.

Happy to be linking up with my girls Greta and Sarah for their #iPPP link up! And yes.. all three of these photos were on my iPhone at one point or another!



  1. OMG…this is the funniest thing EVER!! I think my favorite part was “(I hate lakes FYI)”. Lawd, I cannot stop laughing. And the one from Cassie this year—so cute!!

    Bobby goes to camp for a month each summer and once he sent me A BLANK LETTER. The counselors force them to send at least one letter home a week. He didn’t feel like writing, so he just left it blank, addressed and stamped and envelope, and he had technically fulfilled his duty. I was less amused. –Lisa

  2. These are amazing! Are they exaggerated or was the water problem severe enough for dehydration? I love this. I’m totally paranoid to send my kids to camp because of my own letters like the one above, and because my husband had a bad camp experience. Needless to say, we will still do it. We will get over our own fears. Western Mass has some amazing camps, if you like seeing moose and bears wander through the site. (I do, most don’t)
    Tamara recently posted..Feeling The August Things.My Profile

    • Of course it’s an exaggeration.. she was 13.. that’s the only speak they know ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s just a bit of a priss who’s not a big fan of port-a-potties and inconvenience. Although I am with her on the lake thing.. if I can’t see my toes, I’m outta there.

  3. OMG. I think I would be sending out SOS letters too. No water? And they forced her in the lake ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t really blame her for not going back. But, those letters are kinda cute keepsakes. xx

    • Well they had water, just not flip on the spigot and “thar she blows” kind of water. For ONE day they had to use porta potties and they brought in hundreds of gallons of water. They just had to “bathe” in the lake ๐Ÿ˜‰

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