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I have never really celebrated New Year’s Eve. I mean, I did in my high school years and a little bit of the college years but that’s it. I was always in the restaurant business which meant that on New Year’s Eve, I was working. And that was okay with me… what better way to spend your night than making money off people who would either not remember the night before or regret the fact that they could? Not celebratingmore

A tradition we started in PA 8 years ago to help the girls pass away the time until Christmas, has grown larger every year. This year was no exception as we welcomed over 20 kids (and a few brave parents) to our house. I love watching how their houses have changed over the years as well as watching the ones that started out with a Gingerbread person a few years ago finally “graduating” to a house.  Due to my poor chickenmore

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I’m no different than any other mom around town.. I’m busy with work, school, errands, playing referee, chauffeur and in-home counselor to teenage angst. Adding “prepare for Christmas” to that and my kids are lucky to get stale cheerios for dinner much less a home cooked meal. So when Whole Foods of Winston asked if I’d be up for trying their Whole Value Meals, I replied “yes” and “my kids thank you”. I was actually given the choice between their Whole Valuemore

I'm not sure if it's just the time of the year – everything gets busier and I just finally snap at feeling like I'm the only one doing everything.  Perhaps I'm finally worn out after 9 months into the year complaining that I'm "apparently the only one who can bend at the waist" or the only one who "has any idea where things actually go".  Whatever the reason, it seems every year I get to this snapping point and trymore

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