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Want to Blog Better? I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help me to be a better blogger which, in turn, should help YOU become a better blogger.  I think this is especially important for a lot of folks who may not have staff resources to help them with certain aspects of having a great blog!  Here are five of my favorite new blogging tools and the problems they solve: Shareable Content – We aremore

What is cyber-bullying? If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you may remember that we’ve had our fair share of “mean girls” and various forms of bullying. The first time that I felt a need to step in was when M was in the 5th grade and that’s when I learned a hard lesson of parenting: Unless there’s significant harm being done, you’re better off being a coach on the sidelines than the quarterback trying to winmore

This post originally appeared in January, 2012 and I thought it was an appropriate post to dust off for this week’s Going Green with The Mommy Mess. I mean.. I found her originally because of her fantastic post on getting more out of your blog! Most bloggers I know have a decent handle on branding themselves, but if you’re not and you’re looking to make your blog your business, take heed of my advice. I met with a group ofmore

If you haven’t heard, Sydney is on her school’s Lego League/Robotics Club. There are a few things that make this significant to us.. one is that it was the one club she really wanted to be on when she went to orientation for middle school. They only have 20 spots open and over 40 kids applied to get in. Not only did she make it, but she is only one of three girls on the team. Yes… I was amore

I’ve spent a lot of time this week playing around with this site. You probably don’t know this, but this blog was started way back in 2003 when the youngest Hen was born.  You see, at that time, we were living up in PA and between us both working, raising 3 kids and no such thing as Facebook, I really didn’t have time to be darting off to the local Walgreen’s to have pictures made to mail off to everymore