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Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? Well, unless you’re single and want to be with someone.. then it kind of sucks but other than that, it’s a really fun holiday. It’s the perfect day to tell everyone you love them and spread the word draped in pink and red! You can make funny sentences out of those little conversation hearts and if you want to eat half the chocolate to figure out what’s in the middle, you can! And then there’smore

Giveaway entry is at the bottom of the post! I love each and every one of you and appreciate that you stop by here and listen to my stories. So what better way to show my love than to give you some love back?? It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway and thought – what better time to do a giveaway than Valentine’s Day? The catch is that I’m not giving it to you until after Valentine’s Daymore

With Christmas done and dusted, you might not be thinking about presents again just yet. On the other hand, it’s not long until Valentine’s Day and thinking of Valentine’s gifts, whether it’s something to wear, an item for the house, or jewelery for all occasions, there are some ground rules I think women should drum into their partners. First, what we don’t want: a last-minute, hastily bought gift that you can’t afford. Valentine’s Day tradition is all about romance, somore

How can I not post about the love of my life on Valentine’s Day? The biggest problem is how can I possibly convey all the things he is to me in a short post? Obviously, I can’t but will give it my best shot. The Rooster (aka Steve) is not just my husband and best friend, but he’s an amazing human being. Which is why I want to dedicate this post to him and the love that I have for himmore