When is it safe to break the “barrier”?

I’m going to come right out and say it. This post was inspired by friend and blogging goddess, Gini Dietrich. See, every Friday, she puts out Gin and Topics which is a sampling of videos that has made her react somehow during the week – tears, laughs, whatever, and it’s almost always some pretty amazing stuff.


This is one of the ones that was featured in Gin and Topics this week and it literally made me snort (Gini, you need to have a “do not drink” warning). I showed it to the Rooster but he’d already seen it. (Okay, maybe I am slow and unoriginal..) Please do yourself a favor and watch it..

Funny stuff huh? And the fact that I’m still laughing about it (especially the last line) means it passed some sort of funny test in my mind. But it also made me think about barriers and lines the Rooster and I have in our relationship. Believe me… there aren’t many. I would venture to guess that most of us have been with someone for long enough that we just let it roll – no matter what it is. It’s just too exhausting to run to another room and if you’ve had a couple of kids, you’re not making it there anyhow. You’ll just be squeaking as you go. The exception to this is if you’re at the dinner table. Then you better get your butt up and release your noises someplace else.

For me and the Rooster pretty much anything goes except that it was (and IS) an “unspoken” rule that we do not go to the bathroom together. I don’t need to see his business and vice versa. I am grateful that we have 3 bathrooms in our house because I have never had to test the boundaries of this rule. I know couples who have no problem with this but I seriously have to draw the line here.

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Good God in heaven.. can I have ONE place where someone else is not breathing my air?

When is it okay to break the barrier

Cuppa cheese!

We broke this rule ONCE and it was our first or second New Year’s Eve together. And there was a little side area for the toilet, so it’s not like it was really OUT there. But I could hear and that was enough for me

I also used to be funny about other grooming items like clipping toenails and facial hair but now I just want him TO clip his toenails. And if you could avoid having it ricochet off my head while you do it, bonus. Beyond that, we’re pretty open with what we share.  It’s funny watching the girls grow and the things that they’ll tolerate and what they won’t – right now it’s little things like anything that involves saliva.

So what’s off-limits in your house? What barrier will you absolutely not break? Let it all out because there could be some unsuspecting newlywed or newly engaged person out there trying to figure out when it’s okay to pass gas or burp the alphabet..